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Does Dis Sound Rite 2 U?

Thank you all for reading my inaugural post. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be about but then my phone vibrated inspiring this. Without further adieu, lets get to it.

We all know someone who does it. You get a text from your friend that reads, “I’m bout 2 go 2 da house, hit me up l8er.” It’s something you expect from a 14 year old girl, but more often it’s coming from your peers, people your age. I’m 30. Look I’m all for shorthand, but this is getting silly. Please…text your age. It makes you look stupid and I’m judging you.

Some of it isn’t even shorthand. What’s the point of spelling “is” with a “z”? How much more time does it take out of your day to write “ok” instead of “k”, “good” instead of “gd”? There are plenty more examples but just writing that way raises my blood pressure.

Don’t dumb it down for me please.

(Source: someecards.com)

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